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Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 12

Can exercise reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s? The obesity problem among baby-boomers, why running doesn’t suck, and reason why gymnasts all have strong abs….


Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 9

Michelle Obama’s thoughts on school nutrition, 10 life lessons from a Navy SEAL, five movements to improve athletic power, and the secret to ageing well….


Five Underrated Shoulder Exercises

Many people¬†want to build big and strong shoulders as they are integral to a nice physique. But shoulders are also very important¬†to a variety of sports and athletic and functional movements. Here are five exercises that build functionally strong (and big, if you want) shoulders while minimizing the risk of injury….

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The Future of Digital Fitness

Competition in the digital industry is heating up, with heavyweights Nike and Adidas taking on the likes of MIO Global, Fitbit, and Jawbone. However, Samsung, Apple, and Google are also in the mix. Samsung recently released its first Galaxy Gear watch, while both Apple and Google are currently developing their own smartwatches. How do the…


A Closer Look at the Wolverine Workout Program

  Hugh Jackman got himself into incredible shape for the latest Wolverine movie, thanks in large part to a fantastic training program put together by his trainer, David Kingsbury. Let’s take a closer look at the strength, cardio, and nutritional components of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine workout program….