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Kevin Neeld on Hockey and Performance Training

Kevin Neeld is the President, COO, and Director of Athletic Development at Endeavor Sports Performance in New Jersey. He is one of the top trainers in the hockey world and shares his thoughts below on specific hockey player training issues and problems, developing a solid warm-up routine, as well as what young coaches need to

Hockey Training Advice from Conor Doherty

Hockey and training are two passions of mine, which is why I was excited to talk about both of them with Conor Doherty. Conor is a strength coach based out of Dryden, Ontario at Star Factory Fitness. In out wide-ranging interview, he shares his thoughts on in-season and off-season differences, common mistakes, and particular exercises

The Future of Digital Fitness

Competition in the digital industry is heating up, with heavyweights Nike and Adidas taking on the likes of MIO Global, Fitbit, and Jawbone. However, Samsung, Apple, and Google are also in the mix. Samsung recently released its first Galaxy Gear watch, while both Apple and Google are currently developing their own smartwatches. How do the

Talking Hockey and Training with Strength Coach Andy O’Brien

Andy O’Brien is widely regarded as one of the top strength coaches in the sports industry. And thanks to a strong relationship with the best hockey player on the planet (Sidney Crosby, in case you were wondering), he has built up a stable of NHL stars who work with him every off-season. His training approach

Talking Training & Nutrition with Strength Coach Dave Orton

Dave Orton is an Ontario-based trainer who works with a wide variety of athletes, including professionals in hockey, lacrosse, and football. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about athletic performance, strength training, and nutrition and diet planning and execution. Read on for more from a very interesting interview.

A Closer Look at the Wolverine Workout Program

Hugh Jackman got himself into incredible shape for the latest Wolverine movie, thanks in large part to a fantastic training program put together by his trainer, David Kingsbury. Let’s take a closer look at the strength, cardio, and nutritional components of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine workout program.