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Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 3

Why sitting is killing you, the gamification of health and fitness, Kobe Bryant and Bill Clinton talk youth and sport, and the science behind motivation – read on for more.

PUSH: A Marriage of Strength Training and Technology

What: PUSH is a one-of-a-kind strength measurement and tracking device. Why: As someone who is very passionate about fitness and health and also very interested in technology, PUSH is right in my wheelhouse. How: To get some more background on the company and on the product itself, I did a little digging and asked a

Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 1

Does coffee boost strength? How much fat should you eat? What does inactivity do to your brain? Are juice cleanses good for you? Read on for the answers to these questions.

10 Fitness Tips for January

Some of my favorite things from the fitness world this past month – a look at treadmill desks, great training advice, an inspirational video, fitness trends for 2014, and more reasons to drink coffee. Read on for more!

Hockey Training Advice from Conor Doherty

Hockey and training are two passions of mine, which is why I was excited to talk about both of them with Conor Doherty. Conor is a strength coach based out of Dryden, Ontario at Star Factory Fitness. In out wide-ranging interview, he shares his thoughts on in-season and off-season differences, common mistakes, and particular exercises

10 Fitness Tips for December

In this month’s 10 fitness tips I take a look at some common gym mistakes, a tip to save your low back, some new core exercise to add to your routine, and much more.