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Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 12

Can exercise reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s? The obesity problem among baby-boomers, why running doesn’t suck, and reason why gymnasts all have strong abs….

The Rock

The Rock’s Shoulder Workout – Team Hercules

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson carries around more muscle mass than 99.99% of the human population. And while most people can’t or don’t want to add the amount of muscle that he put on for Hercules (and every other movie he has ever done), his consistency and determination with training and clean eating have to be admired. Here’s a look…


Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 10

Why the fitness industry has failed so many people, mouthguards that can diagnose concussions, and why being sore doesn’t mean you are getting stronger….


Five Essential Warm Up Exercises

Knowing how to warm up is essential to making consistent gains in the gym over any period of time. However, most people don’t warm up properly. Read on for information on five comprehensive warm up exercises that will get you ready for your workout….


Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 9

Michelle Obama’s thoughts on school nutrition, 10 life lessons from a Navy SEAL, five movements to improve athletic power, and the secret to ageing well….


Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 8

Finding your ideal squat depth, learning to breathe properly, discovering mental toughness, pre-workout jello (yep…), and more….