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A mural decorates the wall at the end of the weight room.

10 Fitness Tips for November

How to run properly, the dangers of yoga, biofeedback training, Roy Hibbert’s summer training, fitness tips from the best trainers in the business, and much more in this month’s 10 Fitness Tips.  …


Talking Hockey and Training with Penguins Strength Coach Mike Kadar

I was recently able to sit down and talk hockey and training with Pittsburgh Penguins strength coach Mike Kadar. In addition to being a Stanley Cup Champion, Mike has dedicated a lot of time to the development of CoreStix, a unique, innovative, and very effective product on the fitness market. Read on for more about…


10 Nutrition Tips for September

This month, I discuss the health benefits of blueberries, how to fix a broken diet, some great recipe resources, and how to build muscle on a budget. Read on for September’s 10 Nutrition Tips….

An Interview with Strength Coach Dave Orton

I had the chance to speak to Dave Orton, a strength coach from Windsor, Ontario, last week. Dave trains professional athletes from a wide variety of sports (in addition to us everyday folk at Lifestyle Fitness). He trains several NHL players, including Zack Kassian of the Vancouver Canucks and Matt Martin of the New York…

10 Fitness Tips for February

How to properly do a pushup, common muscle-building mistakes, the best way to end a workout, and more….