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Exercise makes your brain more efficient, the importance of design, and NYC banning Happy Meal toys – Health Roundup Volume 16

New York City attempting to ban Happy Meal toys, the impact of exercise on brain efficiency, yoga can make you a better thinker, and why ignorance isn’t always bliss….


Corporate Wellness Roundup, Volume 3

The importance of happiness, financial incentives at the grocery store, and the impact that smoking can have on the bottom line….


Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 14

Science says: leave your desk and go for a walk. Why working in a windowless office is impacting your sleep negatively, healthy vending machines, and much more….


Corporate Wellness Roundup, Volume 1

 Here’s a look at some recent news and stories from the world of corporate wellness, an industry with immense potential for both financial and health-related improvements….


Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 11

Why pushing yourself matters, a fitness wearable for kids, explaining hangovers, and exercise ‘snacking.’…


The Future of Corporate Wellness

The corporate wellness industry continues to grow as more and more companies recognize the value of healthier and happier employees. But why do so many wellness programs continue to miss the mark? How do good wellness programs work? How can companies implement and manage wellness successfully?…