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Integrating fitness and wellness into city planning – a look at Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City’s residents have lost over one million pounds thanks to recent weight-loss initiatives. Now the city is re-designing itself to ensure that the weight stays off. How are they proposing to do it?…


The Future of Corporate Wellness

The corporate wellness industry continues to grow as more and more companies recognize the value of healthier and happier employees. But why do so many wellness programs continue to miss the mark? How do good wellness programs work? How can companies implement and manage wellness successfully?…

Talking Training & Nutrition with Strength Coach Dave Orton

Dave Orton is an Ontario-based trainer who works with a wide variety of athletes, including professionals in hockey, lacrosse, and football. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about athletic performance, strength training, and nutrition and diet planning and execution. Read on for more from a very interesting interview….