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Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 11

Why pushing yourself matters, a fitness wearable for kids, explaining hangovers, and exercise ‘snacking.’…


Why You Need to Get the Examine.com Stack Guides

Examine.com has established itself as the best nutrition and supplement resource around. It presents research and information in a neutral, unbiased fashion, which is almost unheard of in the fitness industry. And they have just released a number of stack guides that help to explain which supplements work (or “stack”) best with each other. …

Jon Noller

Healthier, Fitter, and Stronger – AngusCertified Coaching

Jon Noller has been one of the best clients I have worked with – either in person or online. Since coming to me last year he has lost weight, increased his knowledge of nutrition, and gained both muscle and strength. Read on for Jon’s story!…


The Future of Corporate Wellness

The corporate wellness industry continues to grow as more and more companies recognize the value of healthier and happier employees. But why do so many wellness programs continue to miss the mark? How do good wellness programs work? How can companies implement and manage wellness successfully?…


Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 8

Finding your ideal squat depth, learning to breathe properly, discovering mental toughness, pre-workout jello (yep…), and more….


Interesting Health & Fitness Stuff, Volume 7

10 steps to sleep better, workplace wellness in China, personalizing nutrition, and the death of the Nike Fuelband? …