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Kevin Neeld on Hockey and Performance Training

Kevin Neeld is the President, COO, and Director of Athletic Development at Endeavor Sports Performance in New Jersey. He is one of the top trainers in the hockey world and shares his thoughts below on specific hockey player training issues and problems, developing a solid warm-up routine, as well as what young coaches need to…


Talking Hockey and Training with Penguins Strength Coach Mike Kadar

I was recently able to sit down and talk hockey and training with Pittsburgh Penguins strength coach Mike Kadar. In addition to being a Stanley Cup Champion, Mike has dedicated a lot of time to the development of CoreStix, a unique, innovative, and very effective product on the fitness market. Read on for more about…


The Undrafted and Underrated Chris Tanev

  A closer look at Chris Tanev in my most recent piece for the Vancouver Canucks….

Talking Hockey & Training with Ben Prentiss

Martin St. Louis. James van Riemsdyk. Matt Moulson. Max Pacioretty. Jonathan Quick. Brad Richards. Torey Krug. Ryan Shannon. Cam Atkinson. These guys train at Prentiss Hockey Performance each summer in order to get better.  Why? You would struggle to try and find a strength coach more passionate and knowledgeable about working with hockey players than…

A Behind the Scenes Look at the NHL Salary Arbitration Process

I was invited to take part in a mock NHL salary arbitration for the National Academy of Arbitrators’ annual convention (which was held in Vancouver this year) earlier this month. It was a week long conference that featured speakers on a broad number of topics, and this included sports arbitration. I played the part of…

The Second Annual Top 50 NHL Trade Value Rankings

Is Crosby still number one? Where does Ovechkin slot in? Lundqvist? Kessel? Datsyuk? Read on for my second annual Top 50 NHL Trade Value Rankings….