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Goal Setting is Bad – Create Systems Instead

This may sound counter-intuitive to everything that you have learned, but for many people goal setting is bad. It often leads to paralysis by analysis, failure, and frustration. Even if your goal is achievable, there may be a better way to ensure you reach it. …


The Future of Corporate Wellness: Standing Desks

Sitting is one of the worst things you can do to your body… so why do so many of us spend 8-10 hours of day doing it? Can standing desks solve some of the health issues that arise from a sedentary lifestyle? Should a corporate wellness program concern itself with how someone’s desk is configured?…


The Future of Fitness Wearables: Goal Reinforcement

Along with habit formation and social motivation, goal reinforcement is a key element that a fitness and/or health wearable product must have built in. But what is goal reinforcement, exactly? Why does it matter? And more specifically, what does it have to do with wearables? Read on for more….

social motivation

The Future of Fitness Wearables: Social Motivation

Social motivation is one area where many of the current fitness/health wearables are doing a pretty good job at covering. I have seen firsthand the power of social motivation as a fitness coach, and it will continue to be an integral part of any successful fitness/health wearable in the future. Why? Read on to find…


The Future of Fitness Wearables: Habit Formation

Habits are not only foundational aspects of fitness and health – they form the backbone of human activity. We are what we repeatedly do, as Aristotle said. Read on for some thoughts on why habit formation is so important to the fitness/wearable industry….


The Health Benefits of Meditation

It seems like every day a study eschewing the positive health benefits of meditation – better brain function, lower stress, better sleep, less anxiety, better athletic/work performance, stronger immune function, and better focus (among other things). If that list isn’t exhaustive enough for you, I have dug up a few more benefits. Read on for…