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Talking Hockey and Training with Penguins Strength Coach Mike Kadar

I was recently able to sit down and talk hockey and training with Pittsburgh Penguins strength coach Mike Kadar. In addition to being a Stanley Cup Champion, Mike has dedicated a lot of time to the development of CoreStix, a unique, innovative, and very effective product on the fitness market. Read on for more about…

Who are the Fittest Players in the NHL?

Being fit isn’t the only prerequisite to being a good hockey player. Over the years, many players have had long and productive careers while not working out or eating as well as they potentially could have. And there have also been gym rats and fitness fanatics who haven’t been able to stick in the NHL. However,…

The Top 50 NHL Trade Value Rankings

   Crosby or Ovechkin? Malkin or Stamkos? Giroux or Tavares? Who is the best defenseman in the NHL? The answers to these questions can be found in my inaugural Top 50 NHL Trade Value Rankings. Read on…….