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Lessons in Sedin-ery

In my latest post for the Vancouver Canucks, I take a look at the four best plays from the first half of this season. Unsurprisingly, all four of them involve a certain set of Swedish twins. …

NHL: Nashville Predators at Minnesota Wild

15 Prime Cuts for October

The Prime Cuts column is back. Read on for 15 quick hits/thoughts related to the game of hockey. This month, I take a look at Tomas Hertl, the struggling Rangers, the surprising Maple Leafs, and much more….

How Important Is Sleep?

An adequate amount of sleep is vital to overall health and well-being. Do you want to get stronger, bigger, faster, or leaner? Sleep is a crucial element of recovery and improvement. How much damage are you doing to yourself with a lack of sleep? The answer may surprise you….

The Enigmatic and Electrifying Pavel Bure

This Friday, Pavel Bure will finally be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Although his career was cut short due to injury, he left a lasting impression on the hockey world with his electrifying speed and skill….

Ryan Parent: Why Were the Warning Signs Ignored?

Ryan Parent, former Predator, Flyer, Predator (again), and current Canuck (although not for long), has been a flop at the NHL level. Google “Ryan Parent bust” and close to 200,000 results come up (although many of them link to Ryan Leaf and/or the other definition of the word bust…). Parent was once an important piece…

Countdown to Lift-off: The Top 10 Pavel Bure Moments

This column was originally published on the Canucks Army in the fall of 2011. The 20th anniversary of Pavel Bure’s first game as a Canuck was this past Saturday. Trevor Linden may be the greatest Canuck of all time, but Pavel was the best. At his peak, he made you want to catch every second…