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Top 10 Centers in the NHL

Sidney Crosby has separated himself from the pack once again, but who is right behind him at number two? Does Henrik Sedin crack the top 10 for the fourth consecutive season? How about Eric Staal? Read on to find out…

The Dallas Stars in 2012: A Year in Review (Part II)

This post was originally published over at DefendingBigD. In the final part of my 2012 year in review series, I will count down the top five stories relating to the Dallas Starsfrom the past year. In Part I, I looked at the busy summer for Joe Nieuwendyk, the new jerseys, the return of Jim Lites, and more.

The Dallas Stars Forwards: Fantasy Hockey Outlook for 2012-13

In addition to freelancing for fine sites like Defending Big D, I also am the editor and manager over at DobberHockey, a site dedicated to the world of fantasy hockey. We publish an annual Fantasy Guide, an annual Prospects Report, and a few other yearly hockey publications. Fantasy hockey makes watching hockey even more fun.