Here is some of the work that I have done.

Frances May – bringing the brand voice to life

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A compelling story rooted in both strategy and founding narrative – how can Portland fashion boutique Frances May transition into an influential brand?

Indian Wells Tennis Garden – sports business case study

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Now one of the world’s must financially successful (and popular) tennis tournaments, the BNP Paribas Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden has faced numerous hardships and was very close to moving overseas 10 years ago. How did a team of passionate people change the tournament’s fortunes before selling it to Oracle’s Larry Ellison? I travelled down to the tournament in 2014 to answer this very question and came away with an incredible story.

Download the case study here.

Digital best practices book

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How should sports brands interact with fans and customers across all social platforms? Strategies and tactics need to be different for each, and this book is a “best practices” guide for the most important ones – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, to name a few. The book also includes some predictions for the future – particularly gamification and wearables.

Shnarped – brand convictions

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I consulted with Shnarped Hockey during the summer of 2014. The Vancouver-based start-up received funding after successfully pitching the company’s vision to CBC’s Dragon’s Den. They are focused on improving and strengthening the fan-athlete connection, and are working with teams and athletes throughout the world of professional hockey – NHL, AHL, CHL, ECHL, and even teams from the NCAA, too.

College Football Playoff – brand strategy

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A group of fellow Oregon MBAs and I consulted with and provided strategic recommendations for the CFP executive team in Texas as they prepared for the inaugural season of the new CFP system (which replaced the BCS). Our recommendations were utilized across a number of social platforms throughout 2014, and our work was also featured in an August 2014 issue of the Sports Business Journal.

Debunking stereotypes in sport

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Created a brand-athlete sponsorship connection with Sharpie, giving sports stars with off-the-field pursuits and passions from NASCAR, the NFL, and the NHL a platform to tell their story while creating new meaning for the world ‘athlete.’

Train with PUSH – tagline and copy


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Worked with a fitness wearable start-up to create a new tagline in advance of the launch of a new logo and website. Through changing the tagline from ‘Strength in Numbers’ to ‘Train With Purpose,’ I wanted to convey a few things. 1) The focus on the gym and exercise, as this wearable is for athletes and strength training. 2) The fact that this wearable allows everything to be measured – sets, reps, power, force, and so on. Every single movement should be done with purpose.

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