October 22, 2012 – The Business of Hockey Links

Comments from Alex Ovechkin, AHL teams having to get creative, the current status of CBA negotiations, and more.

Alex Ovechkin is once again blasting the NHL for failing to agree to a deal with the NHLPA.[Sportsnet]

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly believes that a framework is in place for a new CBA.[SBNation]

The Blue Jackets are trying to make the most of a lockout – including paying a visit to a local bar and simulating an NHL game last Friday. [CSN Chicago]

Sergei Kostitsyn with some strong words regarding the lockout. [NBC ProHockeyTalk]

Ducks prospect Nick Kerdiles has seen his NCAA suspension reduced from an entire season to 11 games. He is likely to remain at Wisconsin. [Bucky's 5th Quarter]

Inside College Hockey is shutting down. INCH was one of the most well-respected publications covering the NCAA – a sad day for college hockey fans. [INCH.com]

Don Fehr on the notion that the players are ‘greedy.’ He disagrees, in case you were wondering. [Puck Daddy]

KHL is good hockey, but bad business. [National Post]

Bauer is getting set to bid for the NHL jersey license in 2016. [Toronto Star]

Canadian AHL teams are getting creative during the lockout. [CBC.com]

Fehr isn’t a fan of the “direct subsidy” payments in Phoenix. [Biz Journals]