My 10 Favourite Fitness & Nutrition Websites


There are countless writers, trainers, nutritionists, and doctors who cover fitness and overall well-being on the internet. Here are 10 of my favourites:

Eric Cressey

About: Eric Cressey is a smart man, to say the least. He owns and operates Cressey Performance, a gym outside of Boston that specializes in the training and development of baseball players. Cressey does a great job of combining the technical/science side with the practical application of picking workouts, exercises, and ways to improve even if you are just a weekend warrior.

He has written on everything related to fitness. I particularly have enjoyed his work regarding shoulder rehabilitation and preventing injuries (as a tennis player, I have dealt with the typical shoulder injuries in the past).

Favourite Post: Shoulder Savers – Part I, Part II, and Part III.

The Mobility WOD

About:  Kelly Starlett’s blog is the best mobility resource on the internet, period. He posts video clips and uses a variety of tools to improve how the body performs. For anyone with aches and pains related to exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, or playing a sport, this is a must-read site. As Kelly says, “positioning is power.”

Favourite Post: Um, all of them? I’ll go with this one on creating extension through the thoracic spine (mid to upper back). Anyone who sits a lot needs to watch this.

Mark’s Daily Apple

About: If you want to know more about the Paleo way of eating, this is the best resource on the internet. Mark has written a book (the Primal Blueprint) that covers a wide range of health and wellness topics. His site features daily posts, a forum rich in content and information, and a very useful grocery list and database of healthy and easy-to-make recipes.

Favourite Post: Why Grains are Unhealthy – educate yourselves!

Robb Wolf – The Paleo Solution

About: Robb Wolf, author of the successful book The Paleo Solution, has immersed himself in the Paleo world. He combines scientific know-how with humor. I’d highly recommend listening to his podcast, as well.

Favourite Post: Post-Workout Nutrition: High or Low Carb?

New York Times – Well Blog

About:  Recipes, exercise studies, and general health & wellness topics are covered at this interesting blog. Well doesn’t focus on one aspect of fitness/ nutrition, instead choosing to cover a wide spectrum of topics. It is impossible to leave not feeling smarter after reading a few of the columns published here.

Favourite Post: Placebo vs. Shots – Dealing with Back Pain

Chad Waterbury

About: Chad is a neurophysiologist who trains fighters, celebrities, and a wide range of other clients at his gym in LA. He writes for T-Muscle, Men’s Health, and Men’s Fitness, among other sites. He’s a really interesting guy who combines his rich educational background (he has a master’s degree in physiology) with current trends in nutrition and fitness.

Favourite Post: How to Maximize Muscle Performance & Fat Loss

Alwyn Cosgrove

About:  Alwyn is one of the most knowedgable people in the fitness industry. He runs Results Fitness in California, one of the best gyms in the country, and he has written several successful books, including the New Rules of Lifting.

He is a big fan of focused strength workouts with interval training for cardio (also known as the stuff that works). He also places a focus on the business of fitness, helping with his experience in owning and running a very successful gym.

Favourite Post: How to Change – great tools on change psychology

Tony Gentilcore

About: Tony co-founded Cressey Performance along with Eric. They preach similar training philosophies – a focus on strength and function. He contributes to a lot of sites, and I really enjoy his writing style.

Favourite Post: Deconstructing the Computer Guy – Part I and II – a look at fixing the problems we get from sitting all day. Really interesting read.

Bret Contreras

About: Bret lives in Arizona and has been all over the world with his training. His work is a bit more research based – he contributes to various magazines and fitness journals. In his own words, the purposes of his blog are to:

  1. Help develop Versatile Personal Trainers
  2. Encourage evidence-based practice and promote sport science
  3. Influence the fitness industry and the way people train around the world
  4. Help the online industry establish more credibility
  5. Help women (and men) improve their glute strength and appearance
  6. Promote the efficacy of daily training
  7. Promote the Load Vector Training Model
  8. Promote the Hip Thrust, Single Leg Hip Thrust, Barbell Glute Bridge, and Pendulum Quadruped Hip Extension Exercises
  9. Promote strong and fit women and female writers in the field
  10. Provide a platform for new and innovative ideas in strength training

Favourite Post: The Best Damn Bench Press Article – the title says it all

Zen to Fitness

About: An online magazine with daily articles that are quick reads. Nutrition, training, and wellness are all covered. Mobility, water importance, and how to get better sleep are all examples of what you will find at Zen to Fitness.

Favourite Post: Simple Sports Nutrition