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There are several reasons to hire someone to help you reach your fitness and health goals. Motivation, accountability, knowledge, and personalization are among the most important ones.

Helping others reach their fitness and health goals has been a passion of mine for many years now. And through this blog I have been able to share that passion with thousands of people.

Read on to find out how I can help you build muscle, lose fat, get stronger, or reach any number of fitness goals with a personalized approach to improving your fitness/nutrition program and your overall lifestyle.

As I alluded to above, there are many reasons to hire a trainer to help you reach your fitness goals. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones:


Even the most motivated of gym-goers will find that working with a trainer or coach will allow them to work even harder during their workouts. You simply can’t replicate on your own the impact that a good trainer or coach can have. When you go to the gym by yourself, you are counting reps, checking your form, worrying about what exercise comes next, and so on.

But with a trainer or coach alongside (or provides you with a program to take), all you have to think about is working hard. The trainer tells you what exercises to do, in what order, how many of them, how long to rest, and so on. Instead of simply doing what you like to do at the gym each time, you are given a workout put together by someone else to help you reach your goals (and this usually includes improving weak points and focusing on things that you tend to avoid doing in the gym).

Establishing tangible, measurable, and realistic goals is also a huge part of motivation. Knowing that something is within reach will make you want it all the more.


To me, this is the most important element of having a coach. You are no longer just accountable to just yourself. You have someone following up with you, measuring your progress in tangible ways, and making sure you stay on track. It is a lot easier to talk yourself out of a workout than it is to make excuses to a coach as to why you missed a workout or fell off the wagon with regards to eating healthy.

There are a few ways having a coach makes you accountable.

One, there is financial accountability. You have invested your hard-earned money in hiring someone to help you get better. You have made a commitment to yourself and to a coach that you are placing a monetary value on your fitness and health. It’s a lot harder to try and talk yourself out of something when it has already been paid for.

Two, there is a time accountability. Instead of trying to fit fitness into your schedule, you have to start to view it as a necessary part of your day/week. It’s a lot easier to schedule the rest of your life once you start to think this way (and it doesn’t happen overnight). Having set workout times each week and time each week set aside for food preparation is imperative to creating and sustaining a program that is both realistic and effective over the long term.


There is so much misinformation regarding fitness on the internet. What is the best way to lose fat? Should I follow the paleo diet? Why should I go gluten free? How much time per week should I allocate to exercise? When should I eat carbs? Aren’t carbs evil? What is best for pre and post workout nutrition? Are there any supplements that I need to be taking? What exercises are best for people with knee/hip/back pain?

The key to a workout program is finding one that works for you. The best program on paper is nothing if you won’t or can’t follow it. What works best for you likely won’t work best for someone else. People all have unique fitness and lifestyle goals, time constraints and injuries to deal with, and likes and dislikes at the gym.

And a lot of the time, trying to piece together a program or food plan on your own leads to information overload.

Experience 1072243_980725192916_1922577053_o

During my time as a fitness coach, I have tried a vast number of workout programs and nutrition plans, both personally and with my clients. The 5/3/1 training system, starting strength, power training, intervals, intermittent fasting, the paleo diet, carb cycling, caloric cycling, lean gains, bulking, cutting, and supplementation – through my experiences with myself and others, I have found what works best is rarely the same for two people.

Fitness and nutrition are both huge passions of mine. I spend my spare time researching new studies, exercises, programs, and anything and everything related to either topic. I have interviewed some of the most respected strength coaches in the sports world, and have gained a lot of insights from them. But most of all, I have learned a lot through experience – both from my own training and nutrition and from client successes.

What will you get with online coaching?

Simply put, what you want. Each package is custom-made to fit the goals and needs of you. Want to add muscle? Want to lose fat? Want to get stronger? Want to improve your overall lifestyle? Want to learn how to balance a busy schedule with a proper diet and adequate fitness routine? Want more information on a specific workout plan or diet? Want to train around an injury? Or find a way to rehab from one properly?

The real value of any trainer/coach and client relationship isn’t just from the program design or fitness and diet advice, but from the on-going consultation and learning process you undergo. A really great coach won’t just tell you what you are doing, he or she will explain why you are doing it, and eventually the goal is for you to learn how your body works and how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle so that you are able to not only achieve the physique and fitness level you want, but to sustain it as well. (Similar to teaching a man to fish instead of simply giving him fish to eat.)

A lot of the fitness/health industry has been built on creating and maintaining a sense of confusion – the latest program, the latest, gadget, the latest product is how many people make a quick buck. But there is no secret recipe to success – hard work, consistency, and discipline are still the three most important tools in your training arsenal. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the journey to better health. And it is a lot simpler (not easier) than you think.

A glimpse into some of the services offered:

  • Meal/recipe ideas
  • Grocery lists
  • General and specific diet advice (and most importantly, realistic)
  • An initial assessment/questionnaire (to establish a starting point)
  • Exercise programs (from general to extremely specific, depending on type of workout facility you have access to, your time commitment, and so on)
  • On-going feedback and consultation for specific time periods (month, three month, six month, a year, and so on)
  • Tangible measures to track (specific to your goal(s)

Get in touch with me if you think my services can help you reach your fitness/lifestyle goals. The great value from hiring me as a coach isn’t the program you will get or the meal plan to follow, it’s having access to me whenever an issue or a question arises – that is where the word “coach” comes in.

And if you are unable to go the coaching route, I have a lot of resources available for free on this blog – you can check them out here.

The cost will vary depending on what level of interaction and involvement you are seeking. There is no cost to request more information!