Monthly archives: November, 2012

Five Ways to Burn Fat at the Gym

There are some quick and easy ways to incinerate fat while at the gym without having to spend hours doing cardio or taking overpriced and ineffective supplements. Unfortunately there is nothing easy about how hard you have to work, though….

How to Make Your Training More “Hockey Specific”

You may not score 60 goals in the NHL any time soon, but you can learn a lot from how Steven Stamkos trains….

Layne Norton’s PHAT (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training) Program: A Review

I decided to give Layne Norton’s PHAT Training Program a try starting back in September. A lot of things about the program appealed to me. Read on to find out my thoughts on the program, the end results, and more….

10 November Nutrition Tips

This month, find out some of the surprising benefits of creatine, why you should be eating more eggs and drinking more coffee, and some tips to burn fat over the holidays….

An Interview With Hockey Trainer Kevin Neeld (Part II)

I spoke with trainer Kevin Neeld last week about what goes in to training hockey players, how to best eat for hockey, and what supplements to take, among other things. Click here to read Part I of our interview. Read on for Part II, where we discuss the front vs. back squat debate, how to…

An Interview with Hockey Trainer Kevin Neeld

One of my favourite things about the fitness industry is that there is always more to learn. And one of the best way to do that is to read the work of the top people in the areas that interest you . One of those people in the hockey training industry is Kevin Neeld….