Monthly archives: October, 2012

An Interview with Nelson Ayotte of the St. Louis Blues

In my continuing series of interviewing NHL strength and conditioning coaches, I was able to speak with Nelson Ayotte of the St. Louis Blues. Nelson has been working with the Blues for close to a decade, and he has also worked with a number of athletes from a wide variety of other sports during his

The Inchworm: The Best Core Exercise You Aren’t Doing

Trying to find “the best” core exercise is a pursuit common to most gym-goers. Sit ups? Crunches? Something with a medicine ball? Using an ab wheel? How about the inchworm?

An Interview with Fitness Coach Andy O’Brien

I recently had the opportunity to interview Andy O’Brien. If by chance you haven’t heard of Andy before, he is quite prominent in the world of sports training (and hockey training, in particular). Our interview covered a wide range of topics, from fitness, to nutrition, to his star client Sidney Crosby, and we even found

Nike Hockey Training: The Program Review

If you want a comprehensive hockey training program but don’t know where to start, Nike put a program together in conjunction with Gary Roberts and Matt Nichol. It’s thorough and easy to follow. I’ll share my thoughts on it in greater detail below.

The NHL and Quebec City – A Return?

Quebec City officially unveiled the plans for their state-of-the-art arena that is slated to open in 2015. It, of course, will be equipped to handle professional hockey. But is professional hockey ready for a return to Quebec City? Read on to find out.

October 22, 2012 – The Business of Hockey Links

Comments from Alex Ovechkin, AHL teams having to get creative, the current status of CBA negotiations, and more.