Monthly archives: July, 2012

Willie Mitchell Brings the Stanley Cup Home

When Willie Mitchell returns to Port McNeill, British Columbia, with the Stanley Cup on August 12th, the small town on the northern tip of Vancouver Island is sure to erupt in jubilation. Hard Working Willie Mitchell will finally be bringing the Cup home….

Five Fitness Tips – July 2012

I shared five of my favourite nutritional tips a few days ago, and am going to do the same with regards to fitness and exercise today. To start off, I’ll share one of the best and most important quotes regarding health and wellness. “You can eat better than a bad training program, but you can’t…

The Underutilization of Mike Green

How the once-mighty Mike Green has fallen. Only three seasons removed from a 76-point season, Green has scored only 11 goals and produced only 31 points in his last 81 games (over two seasons). There are many reasons why Green’s production as tumbled – injuries, Washington changing to more of a defensive system, and a…

Five Nutrition Tips – July 2012

Is dark chocolate one of the best pre and post-workout snacks? You bet. Read on to find out why….

Max Pacioretty and the Search for a Superstar

March 8th, 2011. The Montreal Canadiens were playing the Boston Bruins. It was a game that could have defined the career of Max Pacioretty. The skilled and physical winger was racing for a loose puck against Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara. Showing the hustle and speed he was known for, Pacioretty tried to angle around Chara…

Alexander Semin and Ignoring the 10 Percent

enigma [ɪˈnɪgmə] n. A person, thing, or situation that is mysterious, puzzling, or ambiguous. See: Alexander Semin….