Monthly archives: July, 2012

Willie Mitchell Brings the Stanley Cup Home

When Willie Mitchell returns to Port McNeill, British Columbia, with the Stanley Cup on August 12th, the small town on the northern tip of Vancouver Island is sure to erupt in jubilation. Hard Working Willie Mitchell will finally be bringing the Cup home.

Alex Edler’s Next Contract

With the Shea Weber-to-Vancouver pipedream on hold for a year dead, the Canucks now have to shift their attention back in house. Alex Edler, the club’s best defenseman, has one year left on his current contract. The Canucks can extend his contract at any point this summer or throughout the season. Edler is slated to

The Numbers Behind the Numbers: The Dallas Stars Bottom Six

Editor’s Note: We are proud to welcome Jeff Angus to the Defending Big D team, who has covered the NHL and the Vancouver Canucks at a number of locations around the web. Recently, he’s been writing about the Stars at his own site — Jeff will be writing a weekly column for Defending Big

CBA Debate: Does Revenue Sharing Work?

Today’s topic: Is the current team revenue sharing system effective?

The Legion of Doom 2.0?

The Canucks have placed a focus on size and strength at the draft and on the trade front in recent years. The shift in philosophy is perhaps no better reflected than in the team’s three best young forwards – Zack Kassian, Nicklas Jensen, and Brendan Gaunce. Coincidentally (or maybe not), the trio all play different positions as

Five Fitness Tips – July 2012

I shared five of my favourite nutritional tips a few days ago, and am going to do the same with regards to fitness and exercise today. To start off, I’ll share one of the best and most important quotes regarding health and wellness. “You can eat better than a bad training program, but you can’t